About Me

First... why McKimzey???

No, McKimzey is not my last name... and a search of McKimzey in the phone book will lead to few results.  I fact , the last I checked, there were none...not even on Zaba.com (which is an excellent 'person' search engine, thought somewhat frightening in the amount of information which is available),

A Yahoo search will lead you to McKimzey Creek in Texas (which I hope to visit someday).  You can also Google Earth the area.

Your search may also reveal references to Benjamin Kimzey or McKimzey.  The story of our family tree is somewhat vague in the early years, but as some traditions go, Benjamin and his three brothers initially lived in Scotland, where the surname may have contained the "Mc".  They left Scotland and made their way through Ireland and eventually to America.  Along the way, the "Mc" was dropped, and variation to the name happened - Kimzey, Kimsey, Kinzey, Kinsey, etc. 

So, why McKimzey?

Simple.  A long while ago, I needed an email address and, wanting to get back to my "roots", I took mckimzey.  I liked it and it stuck.  I had wanted the domain kimzey.net but that was taken...so... here we are.

Last updated : 18 April 2007

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